Club Shop and Sales of Replica Kit

It has been confirmed that the club shop will be open at the Moseley game (9th September) and at each subsequent home game. O’Neills are hoping to have available all of the various items of replica kit complete with appropriate logos etc. These items will be available on a “try before you buy” basis so that supporters will have the opportunity to physically assess the product.

The ordering process is strictly on-line and may be done by two methods:-

  • The order may be placed directly with O’Neills
  • The order may be given to Coventry Rugby (whose staff will be manning the shop) who will compile an order for 10 items before submitting it to O’Neills. This will have the following benefits:-

A) An order for ten or more items does not incur post and packing charges.

B) Coventry Rugby will benefit to the tune of 30% of the order value.

It is therefore very much in the interests of Coventry Rugby that a revenue stream is generated by supporters placing their order with staff in the shop.


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