The following is a précis of the items which were discussed at a meeting last week with representatives of Purity Brewing:-

  • A complementary tour of the brewery has been offered. Accordingly an email has today (16th May) been sent to CRSC members.
  • Sales of Purity Gold at BPA – is subject to the dictates of Greene King who sponsor the Championship, the development of the west side where there is currently a Purity bar and there is hoped to be a hospitality outlet, and to the agreement of the terms of the Purity Brewing deal with Coventry Rugby
  •  The Supporters’ Club intends to hold another open day in the summer, (date to be confirmed) as we did last summer, where supporters can meet the players, coaches, support staff, etc. Purity Brewing have made a commitment to support the event by having their own staff present, a stand where they will provide samples of their brews, and support for the raffle by offering prize/s.
  •  They are investigating with the Supporters’ Club and with Coventry Rugby the prospects of providing an additional label on the badge on the pump handle which signifies that Purity Brewing is “supportive of” or “in association with”. It is not financially effective to brew a specific beer for sales at BPA outlets, but a label on the badge could be a significant way to show support.

The attitude of Purity Brewing, and their wish to constantly liaise with a view to providing support, is very much appreciated.

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