Away Days

Whatever team, or, sport you follow, you have to admire all things Shetland Rugby Club. Below is an extract from the Rugby Journal, which they have kindly given their permission for us to share.


‘We had to play Stornoway in the Western Isles.

We took a 14-hour ferry, a six-hour bus ride and then another three-hour ferry.

We lost.

It wasn’t even a tour, just another league game.

We’d left on Thursday night and got back to Shetland on Tuesday morning.’

Our plane is roughly the size of a Pringle can and, in high winds, appears to drop onto an airstrip that didn’t seem to be there a second ago.

As we approached the island, falling lower and lower from the sky and ever-closer to the ground, the wait to see a bit of land vaguely resembling tarmac was endless.

The gale force winds had already buffeted our intimate propeller plane (small enough to be able to see out of both windows without moving and perhaps, with a bit of a stretch, touch both sides) enough to make us regret the greasy sausage square we’d wolfed down at the last airport.

This is an extract from issue 2 of Rugby journal, the new print quarterly. To order your copy visit

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