Reward Programme

The Supporters’ Club have decided to introduce a Reward / Loyalty discount exclusively for the benefit of members, as a way of saying ‘thank you’ for your ongoing support and to celebrate the ongoing success of the Supporters’ Club.
How it will work is you will receive a credit of £1 for every trip you make this season to an away game on the Supporters’ Club coach. Credits will be applied retrospectively from the first away game of the season against Cornish Pirates and can be earned for any coach travel to away games between now and the end of the season.
For example, if you travel to 12 away games on the coach you are credited with £12, which you can redeem on the last away coach travel of the season, which is expected to be Doncaster as no coach will be travelling to Jersey. Hence, your coach fare will be reduced by the number of credits earned, which in this case is a £12 saving on the cost of your coach seat.
There are still a minimum of 6 away games to which the Supporters’ Club will be running coaches to, so the opportunity to gain £6 of credits still exists for any members who have not as yet traveled on the Supporters’ Club coaches this season.
Please note, credits are not transferable and must be used on the last away coach travel of the season.
Anyone wanting to join Coventry Rugby Supporters’ Club can do so by sending an E-Mail to

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