Coventry Supporters’ Player of the Season – 2019/20

Supporters’ Player of the Season Award 2017/18

Coventry Rugby supporters are invited to vote for their Player of the Season.

The player who receives the most votes will be presented with the Blenkinsopp Trophy in recognition of their achievement which they will be able to keep for the next 12 months.

You can vote on the poll below, which will close at midnight on Sunday April 19th.

You can only vote once and only for one player, so please give your vote careful thought.


33 thoughts on “Coventry Supporters’ Player of the Season – 2019/20”

  1. Leadership, staying calm, dynamic ball carrying ability, talking to players during the difficult periods in a game, seeking clarification from referees and leading by example. Excellent signing.


    1. Standout ball carrier, very difficult to stop and put down, a natural leader. A remarkably good signing to become a member of the Coventry Rugby family.


  2. Pete whites an amazing player I’m a ball girl and I always have a little chat with pete watching Coventry rugby is helping me with my rugby dreams and pete white hes just like a rocket small and speedy he deserves player of the season hes just amazing.
    Many thanks
    Molly Lawman (15)


  3. Great season, appearances and fitted well into the Coventry Game plan. He is an attacking player with good goal-kicking stats, and has a big future in our line up.


  4. Rory Jennings has been outstanding all season. Fantastic game manager, with a very good balanced skill set in attack and defence. Great signing.


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