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Coventry Rugby Supporters’ Club

Honorary Member: Ted Wainwright
Past Honorary Member: Harry Walker (1915 – 2018)
Champions (2) Final

Playing Squad for 2019/20


Welcome to Coventry Rugby Supporters’ Club

Coventry Rugby Supporters’ Club was re-launched in August 2016 following a growing wish expressed by supporters which, in turn, was supported by Coventry Rugby.

We currently have in excess of 260 paid up members, one Honorary Member, one Past Honorary Member, one Life Member and we are examining the prospects of conferring additional Life Memberships.

We operate within a clearly defined Constitution and to an agreed set of Objectives which, along with other essential information, can be found in the “Useful Documentation” section.

The Supporters’ Club is run by an elected committee, all of whom are volunteers, and is a non-profit making organisation.

Membership, which is open to all supporters, costs just £20 for the year (which is commensurate with the playing season – 1st September to 31st August) for an individual supporter, £30 for a Joint Membership (Spouse/Partner/Civil Partner) and is free for under 18’s, on the proviso that one parent / guardian is a member.

Among the many benefits of membership are:

–    Regular events which include referees evenings where the laws of the game are explained using video evidence, backed up by players who are able to provide experience as to the laws and their enforcement by the referee.

–    Tours of the Butts Park Arena and all the facilities which contribute towards it being a successful rugby playing club as well as a successful independent commercial business.

    Regular issues of ‘In Touch‘, the Newsletter of Coventry Rugby Supporters’ Club.

–    ‘Your Say’ a poll to determine the Supporters’ Club Player of the Year award, plus other polls through ther year..

–    Discounted travel on coaches to away games and discounted admission deals at the away grounds.

–    Prize draws.

–    Discounts from our sponsors.

–    Special offers for certain games/events.

To Join:-


–       Send a request via our email address


–       Simply visit the Supporters’ Club stand in the Arena bar on home match days between 12.30pm – 2.30pm